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GALAXY online meeting

1-3 March, GALAXY hosted a 3 days online meeting for all partners together with project MicrobLiver

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 3/11/2021

Three days were reserved to discuss results, analyses and publications when all partners from the GALAXY and MicrobLiver projects met online. Though an online meeting might not be the optimal format for scientific discussions the consortia partners once again proved that it is possible.

2021 is the 6th and final in the GALAXY project and this is an exciting year for all researchers in GALAXY. Four clinical trials are part of the project. Two of the clinical trials - one with 463 participants with overuse of alcohol matched with a healthy cohort with 158 participant – have been finalized whereas the two last studies that are randomized clinical trials will end during 2021. Many analyses of samples have been concluded and the final ones will be finished during 2021. The three days project meeting have been spent discussing the results already now emerging from the single omics analyses plus discussing the potential multi omics results. Also included in the program were publication plans from all partners, an online walk-through of a new online cost-effectiveness tool developed by Hans Olav Melberg from Oslo University, a detailed overview by Helene Bæk Juel, Copenhagen University, of the expected more than 20.000 analyses from the MicrobLiver and GALAXY consortia and finally a brilliant ‘Omics for Dummies’ presentation by Mani Arumugam, Copenhagen University.

Editing was completed: 11.03.2021