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GALAXY publications


Five abstracts from the GALAXY project was presented on 27-29 August at the Digital International Liver Congress 2020

By Louise Skovborg Just, , 9/3/2020

  1. Lipidomic profiling reveals a distinct patern of selective lipid depletion and liver tissue in patients with progressive alcohol-associated liver fibrosis: a biopsy controlled study in 400 people. (Oral presentation)
  2. Metabolic and genetic risk factors are the strongest predictors of severity of alcohol-related liver fibrosis (poster presentation)
  3. Metabolic and genetic risk factors predict advanced alcohol- related liver fibrosis regardless of drinking pattern (oral presentation)
  4. Dysregulation of wound healing status and activity is associated with fibrosis and inflammation in early alcohol associated liver disease (poster presentation)
  5. Heat shock protein 47 is associated with fibrogenesis in alcoholic liver disease (poster presentation)
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