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Funding for Interdisciplinary Research

Application Process


One of the most important objectives in DIAS is to increase interdisciplinary research at SDU. DIAS gathers excellent scientists from all 5 faculties and brings young and established scientists together in the DIAS house and through activities in DIAS. During the past years this has already led to many interactions and collaborations, in particular between the DIAS fellows. However, many collaborations are struggling due to the lack of funding and lack of time to make new initiatives. Through the recent commitment by the SDU executive board and by using DIAS unused funding, it is now possible to establish a small pool of funding to support interdisciplinary research activities in DIAS.


What is eligible?

Retreats to discuss research ideas and develop proposals, workshops with invited guest, research projects (also involving students), preparation of research proposals, writing co-author publications, salary for research staff (to do the activities mentioned here) and similar activities.


  • A brief and clear description of the project and why it is an important contribution to the development of interdisciplinarity in DIAS (max 1 page)

  • Provide the milestones and a time plan of the project including a starting and ending date (max ½ page)

  • Include the name and title of the applicants (minimum two research fields/faculties and always involve fellows)

  • Include a budget with justification of costs (max ½ page, max 2 years; suggested range 20.000-100.000 DKK but there are no limits)



The application is assessed by the DIAS management committee (members are excluded in case of conflict-of-interest) four times during the year at the meetings in January-April-August-November. 



The granted funding will be transferred to the department where the receiver of the grant is employed. It is the department (in cooperation with the receiver of the grant) that administers the amount and all expenses funded by the grant are to be paid by the department. It is also the department that assists regarding travel policy and other financial guidelines.


The results of the activity are reported no later than 2 months after the ending date (a maximum of 1 page) including an account of the funding.


The mission of this process is to stimulate interdisciplinary research in DIAS, focusing on the DIAS Fellows.

Last Updated 15.05.2024