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Fellowship at DIAS

Over the next five years, 25 DIAS Fellow positions will be filled and distributed across SDU's five faculties.

There are currently no open Fellow positions

We look forward to welcoming our new DIAS Fellows in the Fall of 2024.         

DIAS is growing and is to hire a minimum of five research fellows at the Assistant Professor level per year for the next five years (2024-2028). Thus, DIAS is looking to hire a total of 25-35 Assistant Professors. We consider this a unique opportunity to hire top talent, to offer exceptional opportunities for outstanding researchers, and to attract  rising stars to our ambitious and interdisciplinary environment. The successful candidate must have an international profile and a strong emerging record of research and funding excellence as well as novel ideas with a clear potential to expand our frontiers of knowledge.

 Fellow positions are joint positions at DIAS and a department at one of the five faculties at University of Southern Denmark (SDU). A Fellow will thus have two affiliations—DIAS and the department—and is expected to contribute to both. Tenure will be offered in the department with continued affiliation with DIAS.

In line with DIAS’s unique and ambitious research aims, DIAS Assistant Professors have reduced teaching obligations compared to a regular Assistant Professor position at SDU. Likely the Assistant Professor will also receive startup or seed funding from the department, though this is subject to negotiation in the hiring process. Our highly coveted Fellow positions at DIAS represent a strategic decision to attract the very best early-career researchers to the university and to continuously invest in their career trajectory and potential. 

About DIAS

DIAS aims to inspire groundbreaking ideas across the sciences and humanities. We are particularly committed to the development and promotion of young researchers of exceptional talent. At present, DIAS is home to 17 DIAS Fellows from five faculties, and the applicant will join this group. DIAS also comprises eminent academics appointed as Chairs and Senior Fellows.

DIAS offers an interdisciplinary research environment where the selected candidate will be able to interact with outstanding researchers from the five faculties at University of Southern Denmark as well as visiting researchers and fellows. DIAS expects the candidate to compete for prestigious and important funds, such as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and ERC starting grants. DIAS and SDU offer research support services.

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Last Updated 08.05.2024