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DIAS Cluster

Application Process

Motivation and aims

The DIAS cluster programme strengthens DIAS’s possibilities to develop cutting-edge research at the highest international level and attract high-level researchers and new external funding.  It promotes interdisciplinary research and cross-fertilization of ideas, and thereby encourages the creation of new research enterprises involving SDU researchers from all interested departments of SDU and external partners. 

The clusters seek to foster and channel inter-disciplinary research initiatives by focusing on certain themes that are relevant for more than one faculty. These can be broad themes such as the historical dimension (of a problem, a scientific practice etc.), the social dimension (of a problem, a scientific practice etc.), science narratives, citizen science, visualizing science, interdisciplinary theory, but also more specific ones will be considered.

The cluster programme is developed bottom up where groups of interested DIAS researchers team up in clusters on research topics. Membership of the cluster programme is not mandatory for DIAS researchers. The clusters recruit their members from interested researchers at DIAS, SDU, national and international research partners. 

A cluster is a formalized organization of research activities focused on a defined research topic. Clusters are established for a period of two years with the possibility of prolonging. A cluster should have a minimum of five members. A cluster is headed by a DIAS affiliate and approved by the DIAS director and DIAS management committee.

It is encouraged that activities of the clusters (seminars, workshops, talks) are open for all interested SDU researchers, and that activities for students and public meetings are part of the programme of the clusters.

Interdisciplinary clusters will be prioritized.

The application must not exceed two pages and should include: 


  • Vision and description of the research topic

  • Description of the members

  • Timeline of activities

  • Funding plan


Please send the application to the DIAS secretariat at  The application will be assessed by DIAS management committee at the next upcoming meeting (held monthly in the semester).


The aim of the cluster programme is to attract external funding for research activities. Each cluster can arrange one lecture and one workshop per semesterThe cluster is funded with 50.000 kr. for starting up seminars and meetings.

SDU has a special tradition of innovation, organizing its initiatives with external funded cross-cutting research centers, international programmes and networks. With the establishment of DIAS the University of Southern Denmark took an important step towards qualifying its interdisciplinary ambitions and results with a new organization and initiatives that have brought world-leading young international researchers to SDU. 

In just a few years, DIAS has become a very vibrant research environment, where there is a constant need for renewal of the organization of research activities to ensure the strongest talent development, the optimal collaboration between DIAS and all research environments at SDU and the most successful use of opportunities for external research funding. 

The vision of the cluster programme is to promote an innovative interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction of sciences as part of collaborations. The vision of the cluster programme is to develop the excellence of DIAS and attract external funding

The cluster programme aims at: 

  • Making DIAS research excellence more visible to interested partners
  • Promoting research excellence in both empirical and methodological terms, by developing interdisciplinary focus, interaction and blending of theories and methods 
  • Strengthening interdisciplinary research by cooperation with researchers all over SDU
  • Having societal impact through dissemination of research and partnerships with external institutions and stakeholders in society

Last Updated 07.05.2024