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With 25 new Fellow positions, the Danish Institute for Advanced Study prepares to push beyond the frontier of knowledge

The tenure track DIAS Fellow positions within various academic fields will open soon

In collaboration with the Executive Board of the University of Southern Denmark, Sten Rynning, Director of the Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS), has unveiled a pioneering tenure track initiative. Over the next five years, 25 DIAS Fellow positions will be filled and distributed across the five faculties at the University of Southern Denmark.

These highly coveted Fellow positions represent a strategic decision to attract the very best early-career researchers to the university and to continuously invest in their career trajectory and potential.

Sten Rynning emphasizes the vital importance of this initiative, stating, 'This initiative is critical for our institution's ability to compete on the international stage and attract the best and the brightest researchers out there.'

The DIAS Tenure Track Initiative will invite early-career researchers to bring their expertise and innovative ideas to the forefront of Danish academia. There will be annual calls for the next five years, the intention being to recruit five Fellows per year. For each call, the faculties within the University of Southern Denmark will introduce specific themes to guide and focus the applications.

Curiosity-driven research and broad minds

In today's world, where the pursuit of sustainability and progress is paramount, the need for the finest intellects is more pressing than ever. These tenure track positions at DIAS signify an opportunity for exceptional researchers to contribute significantly to a sustainable future.

Successful candidates will be appointed at a department at the University relevant to their research area and will concurrently hold a position as a DIAS Fellow and pursue research in the DIAS community.

Committed to nurturing curiosity-driven, innovative, and expansive-thinking academics, DIAS pledges to guide its Fellows through mentorship, networking, and career development opportunities.

Since its inception in 2016/2017, the DIAS Fellow program has successfully recruited 22 assistant professors to the University of Southern Denmark. Historically, DIAS Fellows have held four-year contracts at the assistant professor level, with the potential for a two-year extension as an associate professor.

Under the leadership of Sten Rynning, the new strategy takes the ambition one step further, offering tenure track opportunities in order to attract world class research talent to the University of Southern Denmark.

The first Fellow calls will be up in January 2024. For updates on the opening positions follow DIAS’s LinkedIn profile and DIAS website.

Redaktionen afsluttet: 10.12.2023