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DIAS Interdisciplinary Phenomenology Cluster – Announcement and Call for New Members

A new cluster program has been established through the Danish Institute for Advanced Study (DIAS) to facilitate interdisciplinary research and collaboration across multiple faculties.

The DIAS Interdisciplinary Phenomenology Cluster aims to facilitate collaboration among SDU students and staff who use phenomenological theory or methods in their research. Phenomenology, originally founded as a philosophical tradition concerned with understanding subjectivity and the lived world, is used today in dozens of academic disciplines across the humanities; the psychological, social, learning, and health sciences; business, including marketing and management; and art and design.

Membership is open to any staff at SDU, including research assistants, PhD students, postdocs, and Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors. Currently, the cluster has 30 members across the faculties of Humanities, Business and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences. The cluster is managed by DIAS fellows Anthony Vincent Fernandez (SUND) and Shriram Venkatraman (SAMF), as well as DIAS chairs Nina Bonderup Dohn (HUM) and Søren Askegaard (SAMF).

The cluster’s inaugural networking event will be held in the DIAS seminar room on Tuesday, September 12th, from 13.00 to 16.00. Information about the event and a link to register can be found here.

To join the cluster, or for more information about the inaugural event, please email Anthony Vincent Fernandez at 

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