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DIAS Fellow Rosa María Rodríguez Porto Receives Prestigious Ramón y Cajal Grant

One of our very first fellows, Assistant Professor Rosa María Rodríguez Porto at Centre for Medieval Literature, is returning to Spain where she will continue her research on medieval book illumination and Iberian courtly culture at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Af Tine Dolmer, 15-01-2021

Rosa María Rodríguez Porto has received one of the prestigious Ramón y Cajal grants that the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation gives to outstanding Spanish scholars. The 5-year postdoctoral program is sponsored by the government and will be followed by a permanent position at the university.  

The Ramón y Cajal grant will allow Rosa María Rodríguez Porto to continue her research on the later medieval Iberian historiographical production, the historical imagination and uses of images in the construction of the historical discourse, and late medieval book culture in Iberia and Europe at large. 

Since Rosa María Rodríguez Porto received her PhD in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2012, she has mainly been living abroad, so she is now looking forward to returning to her hometown and be back with family and friends. 

Rosa María Rodríguez Porto has been a fellow at DIAS since October 2017, which makes her one of our very the first fellows. When asked about her time at DIAS, she says it has been a very illuminative and formative experience to witness how DIAS has grown into what it is today. One of the things, she really appreciates about DIAS is the interdisciplinary environment:  

The chance to get exposed to different areas of research, and the stimulus of being surrounded by people with different backgrounds and finding unexpected connections.

Rosa María Rodríguez Porto 


Even though she is looking forward to returning to Spain, she is also kind of sad about leaving at a time when DIAS is really flourishing.  

While we at DIAS are sad to say goodbye to an esteemed fellow and friend, it’s not a final goodbye since Rosa María Rodríguez Porto will continue in an honorary position as external DIAS Fellow. She will also remain a member of the Centre for Medieval Literature. 

We would like to congratulate Rosa María Rodríguez Porto on receiving the Ramón y Cajal grant that emphasizes her outstanding research and contribution to medieval art history.  

We are pleased that Rosa remains in DIAS through her affiliation as external fellow and we are looking forward to following her research in Spain and at SDU.   

Marianne Holmer, Director of DIAS

Read more about Rosa María Rodríguez Porto here

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