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DIAS presenting: Virtual U.S. Election Briefings

This U.S. election has the potential to seismically alter both U.S. and global politics. It is billed to be “the most important election for a generation”. But what does this really mean? And how will the election result influence international affairs? What should Europe be ready for?

Tune in when DIAS Senior Fellow, Sten Rynning, and DIAS Fellow, James Rogers, analyse the latest developments in the United States’ Presidential Election 2020 in a series of 7 Policy Briefings.

Together with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, world leading academic experts, and even a former Biden and Obama adviser, they delve deep into the international implications of the U.S. election.

"This election is likely to be one of the most decisive and divisive in U.S. history with huge implications for international politics and security. The Election Briefings bring together world leading experts from across the U.S. and Europe to discuss just how this election will play out on the world stage"
- DIAS Fellow James Rogers

U.S. Election Briefing #1: With Fred Kaplan

The first U.S. Election Briefing airs on October 26 on DIAS’ YouTube-channel. James Rogers and Sten Rynning will discuss the presidential leadership and the U.S. election with Fred Kaplan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author.

Kaplan gives us an unbridled glimpse into the minds of the two presidential hopefuls and offers us insight into how this monumental election will impact international affairs.

Watch the interview now on DIAS’ YouTube Channel

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