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Professor and world citizen is now affiliated with DIAS

His resume testifies to a great engagement in the global social debate and shows an impressive academic work in Leuven, London, Budapest, Haifa and Vienna. Yes, Pieter Vanhuysse has left excellent marks. We are therefore pleased to announce that he has now also joined Danish Institute for Advanced Study as Senior Fellow.

Pieter Vanhuysse has published wide within political sociology and political demography, where his focus, among other things, has been the welfare state, sustainability, dynamics between generations, education and human capital.

Other contributions cover four articles in the Conversation as well as participation in debates in BBC World Service, World Economic Forum and OECD Insights.

Of exceptional contributions are his dialogues with international Ministries and other political forums, such as Obama White House (the vice-presidents office), vice-presidents from the European Commission and UNICEF.

Equality and justice across generations
A subject which has engaged Pieter Vanhuysse is inequality between generations, e.g. changes of policies and economic changes made by older generations at the cost of younger generations. Also transfers of resources across generations, family as well as state has absorbed the professor. Here is the question, why it is important to invest in the human capital; children, education and social frames?

This question is again a subject in the current COVID-19 crisis where cost is measured in proportion to survival, freedom and the social economy. A subject that very much fits the interdisciplinary interaction at DIAS, to which Pieter Vanhuysse now enters.

For Pieter Vanhuysse it is a given to work interdisciplinary. His philosophy is that problems are only solved with different approaches and in a interdisciplinary interplay.

”In my last job I published within a wide range of fields. For example, I have a strong interest in philosophy,” Pieter Vanhuysse tells. ”I very much look forward to engage in this intellectual ping pong, and to find new opportunities to collaborate. And to function as a mentor. I very much flourish in these multidisciplinary environments.”

Pieter Vanhuysse
Pieter Vanhuysse is Belgian and received his Ph.D. from London School of Economics. His path has taken him far; from Institute of Advanced Study i Budapest to Haifa University in Israel and European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna.

Today he is Professor in Welfare Studies and Public Policy at the Department of Political Science and Public Management, SDU and affiliated to the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies (DaWS) and now Senior Fellow in Social Sciences at DIAS.

He lives in Odense with his wife and their daughter.


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