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Nuno Peres

POLIMA Adjunct Professor
Professor, Physics Department of the University of Minho


Nuno Peres graduated from the University of Évora in physics and chemistry and holds a master degree in theoretical physics, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon. He occupied a position of Assistant Professor at the University of Évora and is currently Full Professor at the University of Minho. His interests encompass nano-optics of 2D materials, light-matter interactions at the nano-scale, electronic properties of 2D materials, and many-body physics in condensed matter. 

Nuno Peres is the Co-author of 200+ papers including two papers in Reviews of Modern Physics, and a book on the plasmonic properties of graphene. From these 200+ papers, one in Physical Review B was considered in 2020 a milestone in Condensed Matter Physics in the last 50 years by the American Physical Society. He has been dedicated to research on low dimensional quantum materials since 2004, focused on the electronic properties and light-matter interaction in these systems. He was awarded the Gulbenkian Science Award 2011 and is an effective member of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon.

Nuno Peres