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Melike Wulfgramm

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science and Public Management

Phone: +45 65507281

Research interests: Economic and political demography.

Melike Wulfgramm is Associate Professor at the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies. Her research focusses on effects of labour market and social policy on disparities in political attitudes, well-being, social inclusion, labour market reintegration and healthcare coverage. Before joining the SDU, she worked as a research fellow at the Centre of Social Policy Research at the University of Bremen, where she obtained her Ph.D. in Political Science in 2014. Her dissertation shows the substantial mediating effect of labour market policy on subjective well‐being and reemployment stability of the unemployed in Europe. Melike Wulfgramm has published comparative analyses on the effects of European social and labour market policy, studies of subjective well‐being and social inclusion as a function of employment status and inequality research. Her teaching focusses on policy evaluation, quantitative methods and comparative social policy