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Anita Wohlmann

Associate Professor
Department for the Study of Culture


Research interests: metaphors and narratives, age and aging, seriality, life writing, gender, health humanities, narrative medicine, data & stories

Anita Wohlmann is an associate professor in the Department for the Study of Culture at SDU. Her research focuses on the norms and cultural values associated with age stages. Drawing on methods from the humanities, such as close reading, film analysis and hermeneutic interpretation, she studies the representations of variously aged characters in literary texts, film and TV-series. TV-series are particularly intriguing because serial narratives offer remarkable frames to represent temporality. Her current research project focuses on metaphors, particularly metaphors of the sick human body and the ways in which non-fiction writers creatively reimagine conventional associations. This research project on metaphors contributes to CPop by drawing attention to the ways that language powerfully shapes how we conceptualize our objects of research.