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Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen

Professor, Member of CPop Academic Coordination Committee
Department of Public Health

Phone: +45 65504314

Research interests: Epidemography, biodemography, epidemiology, demography, genetic epidemiology, aging research, cohort effects on mortality, smoking’s effect on mortality patterns and life expectancy, fertility/fecundity and health, reproductive health, genetic effects on aging rates and longevity, sex differences in health and mortality, fertility, fecundity and mortality.

Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen has published articles in international peer-reviewed epidemiological and reproductive journals within the areas of sex specifics or sex differences in health and mortality. He has been addressing sex differences and sex-specific trends in reproduction, health and survival. Besides studies on male and female reproduction, he has been involved in a number of epidemiological studies within a broad area of the epidemiological field with a major focus on studies of cancer, health and survival using the large surveys and national registries available in Denmark.