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The DIAS Society of Fellows promotes research, networking, and leadership opportunities while fostering a sense of community among early-career researchers from diverse disciplines. It provides guidance and support to all Fellows, ensuring they feel welcome and integrated. The Society, which is self-governing and funded for both academic and social activities, launched in February 2024.


The Society of Fellows facilitates peer learning through weekly lunch seminars focused on research and career development.
Key topics include:

  • How to disseminate research to broader audiences
  • How to navigate grant proposals and applications
  • Visits to research environments at SDU
  • Presentations and Q&As with guest researchers
  • Living and working in Denmark

Additionally, the Society hosts social events. 

Interplay with researchers environments across SDU

For early-career researchers at SDU not affiliated with DIAS, the Society offers a Visiting Fellow Programme.
This programme integrates scholars from all SDU faculties into DIAS’s international research network, providing resources and training for interdisciplinary scholarship. It includes a short-term DIAS fellowship, collective funding stipend, and access to various activities within the research community.   

Each year, two visiting fellows are selected from each faculty, forming a cohort of ten visiting fellows.

Read more about the Visiting Fellow Programme here.


The Society of Fellow has rotating leadership with a current presidency comprising:

Anthony Fernandez, Fellow of Health Sciences

Sort og hvidt portræt af Anthony Vincent Fernandez




Bryan Yazell, Fellow of Humanities

Sort og hvidt portræt af Bryan Yazell




Karl Attard, Fellow of Science

Sort og hvidt portræt af Karl Attard




Last Updated 09.07.2024