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DIAS' Mission, Vision and Strategy


DIAS brings outstanding researchers together in an interdisciplinary center for fundamental research and intellectual fora. We exist to encourage and support curiosity-driven research, and thereby unlock new revolutionary ideas.


DIAS aims to be a centre that gifted researchers strive to be a part of due to the creative, interdisciplinary co-operation, possibilities for development of research and growth of a national and international research network. 

Strategic goals until 2025

Attract talented, highly qualified fellows worldwide and within all disciplines through active search and by securing funding .

Foster an increased commitment to engage and support the development of DIAS assistant professors, post. doc´s, Ph.d.´s and students by fostering a sense of community and affiliation with DIAS in the DIAS house and beyond.

Develop and implement a comprehensive fundraising strategy to support strategic goals and ensure long-term financial sustainability of DIAS research.

Catalyze interdisciplinary research by engaging the DIAS community around two or three strategic focus areas, e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals.

Last Updated 10.08.2023