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Our history

About DIAS

We offer an extensive programme of highly prestigious lectures and we aim to inspire groundbreaking ideas through the meeting of minds within all disciplines.

DIAS includes chairs and senior fellows from all five faculties at the University of Southern Denmark and a number of external chairs from the University of Copenhagen; extraordinary scholars with impressive curriculum vitaes.

We believe that our DIAS Fellows are the most significant part of our DIAS core; we are proud of them and we have the highest aspirations for our DIAS Fellows.


The Danish Institute for Advanced Study opened in its current form with chairs from all five faculties in 2016. At that time, Professor Torben Thorbjørn Knudsen and Professor Francesco Sannino were the directors

In 2017 the first DIAS Fellow began his fellowship. In March 2020 the DIAS House opened for all affiliates with the first floor lent out to the eScience Centre and SDU Climate Cluster.

Last Updated 30.04.2024