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Human-Robot Interaction Lab Sønderborg

Nathalie Schümchen


  • PhD student

Research Areas

  • Second Language Learning
  • Visualization
  • User Studies and Usability Testing
  • Conversation Analysis

Current Projects

Interview: Visual Teaching Materials for Second Language Learning

Nathalie Schümchen and Rosalyn Melissa Langedijk developing a concept for an experiment in the HRI-lab, Sønderborg.

Nathalie Schümchen (depicted left) gives an insight in her practical research for design and evaluation of visual teaching materials in second language learning.

Research Output and Activities

For an overview about Nathalie's work please see her researcher's profile at SDU.


University of Southern Denmark
Department of Design and Communication
Alsion 2
6400 Sønderborg (Denmark)


Last Updated 08.05.2019