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Human-Robot Interaction Lab Sønderborg

Are you crazy?!

Listen and imitate!

 a. Swedish: Är du dum, eller!
 b. Norwegian: Er du gal!
 c. Danish: Er du rigtig klog!




Some hints how to sound more Swedish/Norwegian/Danish:

  • Swedish: Är is pronounced “e”. There is only one stress in this expression, and that is on DUM. For emphasis, start DUM with a high tone, then fall to a very deep, “creaky” tone (listen to that creak). Eller is completely unstressed, just stay low.
  • Norwegian: On GA- rise your tone high for emphases. On the very last L-sound, let the tone sink. You may make it a little bit longer to make that fall at the end. Pronounce a thick L-sound, like in American English or Northern Swedish.
  • Danish: RIGtig is pronounced almost like “regti” or even “retti”, in klog, the g is left out. Intonation: There is one stress in this expression, and that is on RE(G)-. For emphasis, use err-du to head for a deep tone on RE(G)-, then a middle tone on -ti and use klo to rise to a high tone, ending in a high, incredulous tone.


Last Updated 28.03.2022