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Climate Change and Conflict Project

DIAS Fellow James Rogers and DIAS Fellow Carolin Löscher decided to combine their fields to collaborate in this interdisciplinary project; The Climate Change and Conflict. This included Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe coming to Danish Institute for Advanced Study as a visiting fellow.

Solutions can be found in the interdisciplinary collaborations across borders

The project explores the long history and ‘Big Data’ of climate change and human conflict to identify potentially correlation between climate extremes and periods of human conflict or cooperation.

The ambition is to engage with the world’s leading scholars on climate change and international security. With Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe as a visiting fellow in the early fall that ambition was carried out. Her extensive international policy experience and pioneering academic work on Arctic (in)security was a welcome and valued addition to the Climate Change and Conflict project.

The Guardian lists Caroline Kennedy-Pipe as one of the United Kingdom’s leading scholars of war and currently she works on Arctic Security, Russia and the High North. She was a Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Defense Committee, and regularly advises governments and militaries on Arctic security within the context of global climate change.

We look forward to welcoming more visiting fellows at Danish Institute for Advanced Study.

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