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Forskningsenheden OPEN

AFLYST! OUH TALKS om registerforskning

Desværre aflyst pga. sygdom - ny dato offentliggøres snarest. OPENs adjungerede professor, Jennifer Harris, holder oplæg om registerforskning d. 8. november 2017

På onsdag d. 8. november holder Jennifer Harris oplæg på OUH TALKS. Du kan deltage i OUH TALKS ved fremmøde i Klinikbygningen OUH eller ved at deltage online, når det streames live med mulighed for at stille spørgsmål via Twitter.

Tilmeld dig via Plan2Learn:, dette er muligt for både RSD ansatte og andre interesserede. Du kan desuden læse mere om OUH TALKS og online deltagelse på OUH TALKS hjemmeside:

Much greater than the sum of its parts: fulfilling the promise of Norwegian Health Registers

Data infrastructure is one of the most essential considerations for accelerating scientific innovation and improving health care. In recognition of this imperative Norway’s strategy for its national health registers has changed dramatically. In 2017 the National Health Register Project, aimed at modernizing and coordinating health registers, was discontinued.  A new follow-up project, called the Health Data Program (Helsedataprogrammet) was established and provides a more comprehensive and robust approach for managing health data, including the national health registers. Its goal is to maximize the utility, accessibility and safety of national health data for research. The Health Data Program is managed by the Directorate for eHealth and conducted in cooperation with the Directorate of Health, The Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and the Regional Health Authorities. The work includes collaboration with the Norwegian Research Council, Statistics Norway, the universities and college sector plus the business community.  The scope of Health Data Project is ambitious and large; there are many challenges, diverse stakeholder perspectives and opportunities. These issues will be discussed through a presentation of the Health Data Program for Norwegian Health Registers.

Redaktionen afsluttet: 07.11.2017