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Center for Grundskoleforskning

Konference: Bæredygtige skoleliv


Kort beskrivelse af indholdet i Jane Wilkinsons keynote (in english)

In this keynote, Jane Wilkinson examines the current opportunities and challenges posed by partnerships between school practitioners and researchers when it comes to transforming education and schooling. Specifically, Jane draws on studies of students from refugee backgrounds to explore how schooling practices can be ecologically formed/re-formed and transformed through practices of researching, driven, directed and led by educators, students and their families. 


Jane focuses on students of refugee background for much educational research has emphasised deficit notions of these students as learners – what they lack - rather than the rich funds of knowledge they may bring to the classroom. Relatedly, studies have typically overlooked the voices of the students themselves, focussing instead on what others have to say about them, e.g., school leaders and teachers.


In this keynote, Jane draws on a decade of collaborative research with educators, schools, students and their families, utilising a range of participatory methodologies to place the narratives of children and young people of refugee background at the centre of their stories of educating. Theoretically, Jane employs the theory of practice architectures and ecologies of practices (Kemmis, Wilkinson et al., 2014) to examine how teaching, students’ learning, professional learning, leading and researching practices can interact in ways that support the educational flourishing of this group of children, and children’s flourishing more generally.




Sidst opdateret: 24.08.2023