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German language courses - your path to the international job market

Your path to the international job market

German opens up the world – are you ready?

As the most widely used native language in the EU, German opens up your future

As a student and exchange student at SDU, you can register for one or more of the courses below. All of the courses have different learning objectives, but what they have in common is that you will improve your German language skills.

Whether you are going abroad, going to do a project-oriented course (internship), want to complement your economics or engineering programme or simply want to enhance your future opportunities and your international outlook, we have a course that suits your needs.

It is not a requirement that German is part of your university education. So if you haven’t had German lessons since upper secondary school but always dreamed of a career in a German-speaking country, with an international company or organisation with affiliations to the German market, you can still choose one – or more – of the courses below.

Prior to the start of the course, you will be tested so that we can plan the lessons at the right level.

The courses are not ECTS-credited, but you will receive a course certificate for your qualifications.

The courses are held at different times during the autumn and spring semesters, and you can apply for admission to several of the courses.

There are a limited number of places on the courses.  Should we receive more registrations than there are places on the courses, SDU reserves the right to reject students who wish to be registered due to capacity.

  • For Model 1: International Boost and Model 3: Generalist German, the students will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • For Model 2: Subject-specific German lessons, the students will be selected 1) based on whether they have German qualifications corresponding to B2 according to the European reference framework and then 2) according to the first-come, first-served principle.



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