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Affect your professional profile while studying  

A master in Middle East Studies has its starting point in the historical and political perspective and has an interdisciplinary approach throughout the entire education.  

During the third semester, you will be able to choose between studying abroad in the Middle East, taking elective courses here at SDU or an internship at an organization or company in the Middle East or somewhere that has connections to the Middle East. This is a very good opportunity where you can test your professional skill set and the type of company or organization you would like to work in when you graduate. This will furthermore be a great opportunity for you to influence your existing skill set with new practical experiences that you learn either at a new university, company, or organization.  

Your learning outcome  

When studying a master in Middle East Studies you will obtain a broad and solid knowledge of the modern Middle East in relation to modern history, culture, and social conditions. You will be able to develop and respond to academic issues in relation to the Middle East in an independent and scientific manner. Throughout a theoretical and methodological basis in modern history and in social and cultural analysis you will achieve a deep theoretical and practical understanding of the region, that will qualify you to work in both the private and the public sector related to the Middle East.