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Current ph.d.-projects
 How do newly arrived refugees experience resettlement?
By Nanna Bjørnbak Christoffersen
 The effects of online, unstructured mental health promotion on young people's well-being, psychological functioning, and intentions to help-seeking.
By Sofie Have Hoffmann
 The Mindhelper Study
By Amalie Oxholm Kusier
Dementia and ethics - an empirical and theoretical exploration of ethical dilemmas in the trajectory life with dementia
By Sofie Smedegaard Skov
Creating meaning through narratives. Coordination rehabilitation and palliative care for people with advanced cancer
By Henriette Søby Gärtner
Validity, reliablity and challenges of data from datawide health surveys in Denmark
By Heidi Rosendal
When Movement Moves - Team Twin
By Andreas Jørgensen
Trajectories, risk factors and risk patterns for suicide in Greenland 
By Ivalu Katajavaara Seidler
Healthier choice in supermarkets 
By Katrine Sidenius Duus
Osteoporosis patient education in Denmark 
By Mette Rubæk

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Growing up with an ill parent 
By Sanne Ellegaard Jørgensen

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Completed ph.d.-projects since 2008
 Life satisfaction and overweight among 7-14-year-old children: An evaluation of and extended maintenance intervention after a 10-week health camp
By Mette Kristoffersen

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 Geographical variation in incidence of heart diseases and association with magnesium and sodium in drinking water
By Kirstine Wodschow

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 Childhood poverty and long-term consequences 
By Sanne Jørgensen
 Structural Prevention of Smoking
By Nanna Schneekloth Jarlstrup

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 Mental health promotion across sectors 
By Carsten Hinrichsen

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Geographical and social inequalities in acute myocardial infarction in Denmark
By Thora Majlund Kjærulff

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Long-term outcomes of bariatric surgery and the impact of socioeconomic status
By Maja Bramming

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Consequences of pregnancy and childbirth among women with congenital heart disease 
By Stine Kloster

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Experience of psychosocial support among patients with heart disease, predictors, and the association with health outcomes
By Line Zinckernagel

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Development in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of valvular heart disease in Denmark 2002-2016 focusing on socioeconomic differences 
By Lene Mia Von Kappelgaard

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Low incidence of cardiovascular disease in Greenland - myth or fact?
By Maria Tvermosegaard

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Take a Stand!
By Ida Høgstedt Danquah

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Preventive health check among individuals with low socioeconomic position: Effectiveness of a randomized controlled trial in general practice
By Nina Kamstrup-Larsen

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Power, trust and risk - an investigation on the clinical encounter between general practitioners (GPs) and individuals without formal education
By Marie Broholm-Jørgensen

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Familial transmission of alcohol use disorder 
By Charlotte Holst

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Health in all policies?
By Ditte Heering Holt

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Health communication when seriously ill patients have dependent children 
By Annemarie Dencker

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Design and evaluation of a multi-component intervention to promote well-being among high school students - with a specific focus on stress preventive initiatives 
By Camilla Thørring Bonnesen

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Last Updated 05.03.2024