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The management of the National Institute of Public Health comprises the director Morten Hulvej Rod, and a management group. Morten Hulvej Rod has overall responsibility for the operation and development of the Institute.

The management group’s other members are: Head of Research Anne Illemann Christensen, Head of Research Anna Paldam Folker and Head of Secretariat Nanna Heick Friis.

The task of the management group is to jointly ensure strategic development, ensure targeted prioritisation, progress and the quality of the core tasks of the institute, including ensuring that the institute operates on the basis of the framework issued by the university, grant providers and authorities.

The management group's responsibility is to secure the framework for the institute to perform its core tasks, and to prioritise and target resources so that the institute remains an attractive, dynamic, productive and development-oriented workplace.

Last Updated 19.10.2023