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The history of NIPH

The National Institute of Public Health has existed since 1950 and has changed its name on two occasions.


The Danish Tuberculosis Index, DTI, is established as an independent institute by, among others, the Danish Health Authority and the Danish Association of Tuberculosis Physicians. DTI initiates major tuberculosis surveys in the population.


The State takes over the operation of the DTI.


DTI changes its name and purpose, as research into tuberculosis is discontinued. The institute is now called the Danish Institute of Clinical Epidemiology, DICE, and is an independent institute under the Ministry of the Interior and Health. DICE carries out disease registration and epidemiological research that is of public health significance and collaborates closely with the Danish Health Authority.


The institute is included under the Danish Finance Act.


The institute changes its name for a second time since 1950. DICE becomes the National Institute of Public Health, NIPH.


The institute merges with the University of Southern Denmark and is no longer a part of the Ministry of the Interior and Health.

Last Updated 19.10.2023