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Health status among PensionDanmark members

The National Institute of Public Health, SDU and PensionDanmark have entered into a partnership aimed at highlighting the health status of PensionDanmark members. The majority of Pension Denmark's members have a short education and the project thus contributes both with knowledge that can contribute to the prioritization of health initiatives to PensionDanmarks members, but also with knowledge that can raise awareness of certain groups in the Danish society. The results can thus inform the public, create debate and further ground for future prevention measures at the individual workplace as well as at municipal, regional and national level.


The first part of the project focuses on the health status among members of PensionDanmark based on self-reported information from the Danish National Health Profile 2017 compared to the general population in Denmark. The second part of the project focuses on the use of health service among members of PensionDanmark compared to the general population in Denmark based on information from national registries.


Cross-sectional survey with follow-up in national registers


2017-2019. The results will be published in early 2019



Last Updated 26.03.2019