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Qeqqata Modeli; A partnership to promote health and well-being among children in Qeqqata Kommunia

In recent years, there has been a greater focus on the importance of holistic efforts in prevention and health promotion. A holistic effort is a coordinated effort that cuts across disciplines and is based on the citizen's overall life situation. In Iceland, a comprehensive holistic effort has been carried out, which has had a major impact on Icelandic children and young people's use of drugs.

After inspiration from, among others, Iceland, Qeqqata Municipality, Paarisa (the national prevention unit in Greenland) and the Center for Public Health in Greenland, National Institute of Public Health, have entered a partnership to increase well-being and reduce the substance use among children and adolescents in Qeqqata Municipality. The work is based on protective factors such as the local strengths and values of Qeqqata Municipality. The project is thus a break with the traditional focus on risk factors that have characterized epidemiological research. 

With the Qeqqata model, a locally anchored effort based on local strengths is thus developed.


That more children thrive and participate in healthy and meaningful communities in Qeqqata Municipality. That fewer people use drugs and that new knowledge is generated about intervention research in Greenland and co-creation between research and local communities.


The methodological approach is based primarily on the partnership agreement and the political mandate from the municipal council of Qeqqata Municipality, which forms the basis of the partnership and thus the Qeqqata model. The methodical approach to the work in the partnership is based on a principle of co-creation and partnerships as a method of working with health promotion.

Project period

2020 -2022

A report on the initial phase of the Qeqqata model will be published in autumn 2023.


The Qeqqata model is created in close partnership with Qeqqata Municipality and Paarisa. 

Last Updated 31.10.2023