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Every fifth Dane exceeds the guidelines on weekly alcohol consumption issued by the National Board of Health – they have a problematic alcohol use. Among these, approximately 585,000 are estimated to have a harmful alcohol intake which involves the presence of health problems or injuries directly related to alcohol. Only a small proportion of those who have a problematic use of alcohol receive treatment and compliance is low among the few that undergo treatment. Barriers relate to geographical distance, time constraints and stigmatization. 

Internet based alcohol treatment that can be accessed via computers, tablets or (smart) phones is gaining ground internationally as an alternative or complementary solution to traditional treatment. In Denmark the use of information and communication technologies is widespread, which provides a solid basis for its use in public health interventions on alcohol.


The aim of this trial is to evaluate whether people with a harmful alcohol use, who enroll in alcohol treatment, delivered via video conference, to a greater extent initiate as well as comply with treatment and reduce their alcohol intake compared to people allocated to standard alcohol treatment.


375 people will be individually randomized to receive either I) conversational therapy delivered via video conference, or II) conversational therapy delivered face to face. Questionnaire data will be collected at baseline, 3 months and 12 months post randomization. Additionally, participant observation and interviews with participants, therapists and management will be performed during the project period.

Project period

2017-2023. First results will be published in autumn/winter 2021.

Collaboration and funding

  • The foundation Novaví (collaborator)
  • Tryg Foundation (sponsor)

Last Updated 19.10.2023