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Excessive Drinking in High Schools

Danish high school students have a high alcohol intake and alcohol is a highly integrated part of the Danish high school culture. Adolescence is a life period in which the influence of parents is diminished and young people are more oriented towards friends and classmates. High school students spend most of their waking hours at school and much of their social life unfolds in the high school. Alcohol constitutes a central unifying element in many social activities at high schools, such as high school parties, intro courses and study tours. High schools are therefore a relevant prevention arena when it comes to reducing young people's alcohol consumption and promoting healthy drinking patterns and an inclusive alcoholic culture where saying no is accepted.


The aim of the project is to develop and evaluate an intervention designed to lower alcohol consumption among high school students.


The intervention will be developed using Intervention Mapping as a planning tool and will subsequently be evaluated in a randomized controlled trial.

Period of project

The intervention is under development.

Collaborations and funding provider

The Danish Cancer Foundation.

Last Updated 19.10.2023