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Development of Mastercases to

At, which is the Healthy Cities Network’s digital knowledge sharing platform, municipalities can share knowledge on best practice from various health-promoting and preventive initiatives. is intended as a platform where municipalities can exchange practice experiences, so that municipal efforts become grounded on a more solid foundation of practice knowledge.


As becomes larger and more content is continually added, there has been an interest in summarizing comparable cases under so-called "master cases", which municipalities can then use to gain an overview of a given area.


The National Institute of Public Health will help to make such summaries.



In connection with the Healthy City Network's expansion of in 2021-2023, financed by a grant from the Danish Health Authority’s Health Promotion Fund 2021-2023, the collaboration between National Institute of Public Health and Healthy City Network resumes in two areas: Development of eight master cases and quality assurance of 16 cases on the within several new areas.


The development of a master case consists of reading through the existing individual cases within various topics and conducting a qualitative analysis, which summarizes insights that go across the individual cases. The National Institute of Public Health will develop a total of eight mastercases.


For example, The National Institute of Public Health has already developed a master case that summarizes learning points from various smoking prevention initiatives targeting young people. In 2021, a master case will be created, which will address nature as an arena for health-promoting initiatives. In addition, in 2021, a master case, which summarizes initiatives working with meaningful communities will too be developed.



The development of the mastercases will consist of a qualitative analysis of relevant cases on and adhere to the template at


Project period

There will be developed

2 cases in 2021

3 cases in 2022

3 cases in 2023


Collaboration and fund providers

Healthy City Network

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Last Updated 19.10.2023