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Getting Back

Young people affected by cancer is a vulnerable group and in need of special support to resume a normal youth life after treatment. Getting back to the everyday life of school and peer relations is crucial for their social reintegration and, accordingly, for their continuation of life and rehabilitation after cancer treatment. Since there are few previously published studies on social re-integration of young people after cancer treatment, the project will be designed as a feasibility study.


This study aims at developing and testing an intervention that will accommodate the needs for social integration of young people aged 15-20 following cancer treatment. The study will focus on social reintegration in the context of youth education (high school and vocational training). This particular age group is frequently overlooked, because their agespecific needs fit poorly with existing services which tend to target either children or adults.


The study makes use of ethnographic and qualitative research methods

Fund provider

The Danish Cancer Society.

Last Updated 19.10.2023