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Coping with Anxiety and Depression for young people

  • Project manager: Maj Britt Dahl Nielsen
The program Coping with Anxiety and Depression is a peer-to-peer group-based intervention consisting of seven 2.5-hour workshops deployed over seven weeks. The target group of the program was adolescents aged 15-25. Each workshop covered 5-7 themes and activities, such as, how to deal with complex emotions, cognitive techniques, positive thinking, communication, problem solving, use of action plans and cooperation with the health care system. The workshop leaders use a highly structured manual and are trained to facilitate the process using themselves as positive role models.


The aim of the evaluation is to assess:

  1. The implementation in the 39 municipalities.
  2. The changes in the participants anxiety- and depressive symptoms and their self-efficacy.
  3.  The effect on education and labor market attainment.


The evaluation consists of a mixed-method design comprising qualitative and quantitative methods, including survey data, interviews, and registers. 

Project period


Collaboration and funding

The Danish Committee for Health Education.

Last Updated 19.10.2023