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The Doll Project – sexual health

In 2020, Naalakkersuisut initiated an action plan against parental neglect of children, Inuuneritta III and Naalakkersuisut's family policy. Together, they form the framework for a comprehensive cross-sectoral collaboration with a focus on the good life for children.


The Doll Project is an effort that has been ongoing before and during Inuuneritta II (2013-2019) with the aim of preventing neglect, promoting well-being in vulnerable families and preventing involuntary pregnancies among young people.


As part of the background for the project, documents and materials have been examined from Paarisa, the national agency for prevention and social health promotion in Greenland, who has worked the Doll Project since the beginning of the project.



With the Doll Project, the aim is to give young people knowledge and competences to act in relation to, among other things, contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, personal boundaries and normality in sex life. The teaching must thus contribute to the young people developing a meaningful, rewarding and responsible sexual life.


The evaluation of the Doll Project provides an overview of how well the effort has been implemented nationally in Greenland, which factors are important for an effort to continue and the receipt of the effort. In addition, the evaluation examines perspectives on the organizational, human, and cultural significance for health promotion and prevention efforts in Greenland.



A scoping review has been made by literature search in the online databases PubMed, PsychINFO and Scopus. In addition, a total of 20 individual semi-structured interviews have been conducted with teachers as well as students and parents.


Project period




Last Updated 19.10.2023