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Health promotion in kindergarten settings

Most Danish children aged 0-5 years spend much of their everyday life in daycare institutions, and childrens’ sensory learning and development, movement and motor functions are closely related to the possibilities presented by the physical and social environment in this context. Hence, daycare institutions play a critical role in terms of promoting well-being, health, and positive development among children, not least among those who come from less privileged backgrounds.


There is a knowledge gap regarding health promotion and social inequality among children in daycare in Denmark, both from a child -and pedagogue perspective. This project contributes with research concerning children’s preconditions for participating in health-promoting activities in daycare institutions, the effect of the physical and pedagogical environment on this, and how all children, regardless of background, may experience a health promoting everyday life in daycare in support of their future health and well-being.



The project aims to contribute to childhood studies as well as future health promotion and intervention research in daycare/kindergarten settings. Specifically, the aim is to:


1) explore children's perspectives in daycare settings while considering the children's diverse backgrounds and their preconditions for participating in health-promoting activities


2) explore how the pedagogical and physical environment supporting and/or impeding this


3) bring this knowledge into play in terms of how health promotion in kindergarten may be qualified prospectively and when developing future health promotion efforts/endeavors in the daycare/kindergarten setting.



The research is qualitative and includes ethnographic fieldwork, ethnographic interviews with kindergarten professionals and leaders as well as suitable qualitative methods to generate empirical data among children aged 2½-5 years, including photo-elicited interviews and Photo-Voice.


Project period

01-10-2022 - 31-03-2025


Collaboration and funding

KL – Local Government Denmark, Center for Prevention Practice/Novo Nordisk Foundation

Last Updated 19.10.2023