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The Child Life in Healthy Balance project

In Denmark inequality in health is significant. Among children inequality is represented by differences in lifestyle and health challenges due to parents’ educational level and affiliation to the labour market. Differences also apply to food habits, physical activity and overweight as well as conditions for living health lives. Well-being and health in childhood is essential for children’s possibilities to learn, develop and do well in life.



The aim of the project is to contribute with new knowledge and develop interventions to prevent reproduction of health inequality and the impact of the place of growing up on children’s health. This by strengthening municipal and civilian actors in the local community to work together to support healthy childhoods including a healthy balance between play and movement, healthy food and beverages as well as good experiences and closeness.



The project is a community-based intervention implemented in the Municipality of Albertslund, four communities in the Municipality of Aalborg and in two communities in the Municipality of Frederikssund. Local Government Denmark (KL) is the owner of the project and will, in collaboration with the municipalities, develop and implement the project. The national Institute of Public Health (SIF) is responsible for the evaluation of the implementation processes through qualitative and quantitative methods.


Project period

The project will be implemented up until 2024 and the results will be published subsequently.


Collaboration and funding

Center of Prevention in Practice, Local Government Denmark (KL), Municipality of Frederikssund, Municipality of Aalborg and Municipality of Albertslund. The project is granted by Nordea Foundation.

Last Updated 19.10.2023