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Basal: Sammen om trivsel

The school constitutes an essential framework for initiatives aimed at promoting the mental health of children and young people. Teachers have close contact with the students and often have a good insight into their resources, and the school's efforts can also contribute positively or negatively to the students' identity development as well as their social and academic development. Research shows that there is evidence of small but beneficial effects of school-based well-being interventions, such as interventions that aim to strengthen students' relationships, self-esteem, and coping skills.



Basal – sammen om trivsel is a school-based mental well-being and coping intervention aimed at students in secondary school (grades 7-10) and their teachers. The purpose of Basal is to prevent the development of distress and poor mental health by strengthening students' mental well-being and enhancing their mental health through training in tools that increase self-efficacy and the ability to understand oneself and others (mentalization). The project includes: 1) a student program consisting of class-based lessons comprising eight modules, each lasting two lessons, spread over eight weeks, and 2) a teacher training program. SIF (the organization responsible) conducts an evaluation of the project. The evaluation includes an analysis of the changes in students' mental health and self-efficacy before and after participating in the program, as well as an analysis of the implementation, including the experiences and outcomes for both students and teachers.



The evaluation is based on interviews with selected school leaders, students, and teachers from participating schools, as well as questionnaires distributed to all students and teachers before and after the implementation of the student program.


Project period

2021 - 2024


Collaboration and funding

Komiteen for Sundhedsoplysning

Ole Kirk´s Fond

Last Updated 19.10.2023