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Ataatsimoorluta Aalasa

Sports and associations in Greenland form the framework for a community where children and young people's identity and social relations are developed. A community and a gathering point for many with a focus on movement, play and social activity. In a strong sports community, children and young people learn to be with and have respect for others. Here the children learn to help each other and to work together for a common goal. They also learn to fail, deal with resistance and disappointment — and to rise again.


However, sport is currently attracting not more, but fewer children than in the past. The need for inclusive communities that develop the social competences of the children and give them an experience of meaningfulness and mastery requires that we in many ways rethink sport and find new ways to meet the children's needs and desires – and manage to adapt activities and content to the non-participating part of the children.



The purpose of the project is to create a good children's environment in sport, and ensure a good framework for children and young people to develop positively. The project does this by working with the view of children in sport and by equipping adults who work with children to become resource persons and work with and based on children's rights – for example, the right to a safe training environment, the right to express one's opinion, the right to choose sport, etc


The main objectives of the project are therefore to:

  1. Create a safe, healthy and inclusive environment for children in the world of sport based on children's rights.
  2. The joint effort will contribute to even more children in the future being physically active by playing sports, as well as developing in a healthy direction both physically and mentally.


It starts with a pilot project, where the project's efforts and evaluation elements are developed and tested.

After this, the main phase of the project will start, which will run in the years 2023-2025. Here, the project consists of three main activities:

  • Develop and adapt a collaboration model with selected target groups
  • Initiate inclusive, healthy and safe sports activities for children and young people, in collaboration with associations and volunteers.
  • Use principles on children's rights as a starting point for volunteers and employees' work with children and young people in sport


Project period




UNICEF Greenland

Sports Confederation of Greenland (GIF)


Qeqqata Kommunia


Nordea Fonden

Last Updated 19.10.2023