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Collaboration with local actors

The centre’s projects are implemented in collaboration with municipalities, primary and secondary schools, the employment sector and other local actors. The cooperation partners are distributed throughout the country. In order for projects to be successful and to achieve the best application of them in practice, it is a prerequisite that there is close cooperation between the local actors and the projects’ researchers.

As project participants, you can typically expect the following

  • Thorough information about the project, including expectations in terms of resources and activities, and options for dialogue with the project group throughout the course of the project
  • New knowledge/competence development for some of the employees included in the intervention
  • Any new materials, frameworks and proposals for forms of cooperation that can promote health, depending on what elements are included in the individual intervention
  • Dissemination about the project to citizens and employees involved, which can help to focus on health promotion
  • Partial results from the project in the form of processed data that may be of significance to you in a local context, such as results of questionnaire surveys among pupils, citizens in the municipality, etc., depending on the nature of the intervention
  • Results from the project conveyed through, for example, smaller reports/leaflets, follow-up meetings and conferences

If you would like to know more about taking part in a project, please contact Centre Coordinator Rikke Krølner by sending an email to or by telephoning +45 6550 7841.

Last Updated 19.10.2023