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In Denmark, approximately one in every five adult Danes consumes alcohol at a rate that is injurious to their health, and alcohol abuse and alcohol-related diseases result in approximately 4,000 deaths per year. At the same time, Danish adolescents hold the European record in getting drunk.

The National Institute of Public Health is a leader in Danish research into alcohol’s impact on public health. Our research covers a wide range of issues and, among other things, we monitor Danes’ alcohol consumption, carry out research pertaining to mechanisms for alcohol-related morbidity and social consequences, and develop methods for prevention, early detection and treatment of alcohol problems.

We also conduct special research focused on adolescents’ drinking habits, and what it can mean for a family if the parents have an alcohol problem. We also research the impact alcohol has with regard to chronic disease, as well as the effect of structural prevention measures and the relationship with health inequalities.

We work with a wide range of alcohol treatment centres, hospitals and others who are in contact with citizens who abuse alcohol. Our research is also used to provide advice to public authorities.



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Last Updated 05.03.2024