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Research Unit of General Practice

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Determinants of successful implementation of selective prevention of cardio-metabolic disease across Europe (SPIMEU)


Coping with bodily distress syndrome


Evaluation of Your Heart Forecast: A study among Danish general practitioners and patients in the blood pressure control program


General practitioners in quality clusters. A combined qualitative and quantitative study of the importance and effects of work in quality clusters


Gynecological alarm symptoms in the general population - is concern a significant predictor of healthcare seeking and diagnosis of disease?


Influence of physicians’ religious faith, spirituality or atheism in the physician-patient-relationship – an inter-national comparative study


Lifestyle-oriented occupational therapy intervention for patients with chronic non-malignant pain – A randomized controlled trial


Occupational therapy for persons living with chronic conditions – Process and Outcomes Evaluation of the ABLE program


Partnership project: Reinforcing partnership between cancer patient, general practitioner and oncologist - a randomised controlled trial


Physical activity related pain and injuries in Danish school children aged 10-17 – a population-based cohort study


Prescribing of proton pump inhibitors in general practice


Risk assessment of vulnerable pregnant women in general practice


Severe pain and multiple physical symptoms – evidence-based early diagnosis and prevention of iatrogenic harm


Statins in the oldest old: Clinical effectiveness and approaches to shared decision making


Survivors of cardiac arrest: Psychosocial, existential and spiritual needs, and near-death experiences 

The effect of chiropractic treatment on infantile colic: a single-blind randomized study


vCare - Video consultation i General Practice


WellCo EU-Project


Last Updated 20.10.2023