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New professional master’s programme strengthens the interaction between technology and management

SDU is ready with a new professional master's programme focusing on management of technology. The programme provides competences to explore and exploit the many business opportunities arising from emerging technologies such as drones, robots and 3D printing.

By Marlene Jørgensen, , 7/5/2022

New technologies are developing rapidly and becoming more widespread in Denmark’s workplaces, and at the same time there are high hopes that they will be part of the solution to the world’s major challenges.

But which technologies should you invest in? How do you best bring them into play? And how do you lead your organisation’s technology-based efforts?

From February 2023, it will be possible to gain the latest insights and tools in the field when SDU Business School offers the new postgraduate programme: Master in Management of Technology (MMT).

The programme is aimed at people with a technical or commercial background who are already managing or have an ambition to manage and bridge the gap between technological development and business creation. And the programme is relevant for both those focusing on developing and selling technology and those focusing on implementing and using technologies in workflows, products and processes.

A strategic eye for innovation and technology

- The idea behind the professional master’s programme is to strengthen the strategic interplay between innovation, technology and business development. We will therefore zoom in on how both new and known technologies can create value in organisations. Not only economically, but also in terms of promoting sustainability and strengthening organisations’ ability to innovative and compete, says Marianne Harbo Frederiksen, Head of Studies and one of the driving forces behind the new programme.

And it is no coincidence that a professional master’s programme in technology management is being launched at SDU, she explains:

- There is a need for technology managers, both regionally and nationally. And with the research and industrial strengths we have at SDU and in Southern Denmark in the field of robotics, drones and automation technology, it is relevant to ensure good and attractive opportunities for continuing education and networking.

Master in Management of Technology

  • The postgraduate programme focuses on management of organisations’ technology-based efforts, including the exploration, development and exploitation of technology.
  • During the programme, students can specialise in sustainable value creation, for instance, based on 3D printing, robotics and autonomous solutions, such as drones and self-sailing ships.
  • The programme is offered in English and is oriented towards a global market, and it will be offered at SDU Business School in Odense from February 2023. It can be completed in two to four years alongside full-time employment, and it is also possible to take subjects as stand-alone units.

Find more information on the programme’s website.

A new approach to technology use

There is also already a lot of interest from companies in the new programme and the link between technology and business.

Detlef Matzen, Senior Manager at Danfoss, explains:

- My expectation is that the MMT will empower graduates to use technology in a rapidly changing global market. That they gain a better understanding of how technologies and the world evolve together. That understanding is more important than ever, so there’s definitely a need for a programme like this, he says, and continues:

- It’s a plus that you can choose to take parts or all of the programme. This gives flexibility and the opportunity to focus on the challenges and areas that are relevant to the individual. For a company like Danfoss, it is also important that the programme is conducted in English, as more than half of the employees who will benefit from the programme have an international background.

- Finally, continuing education helps to create a unique network in which you can discuss challenges and issues with people from other companies and sectors and gain new perspectives on your own practice, which are often invaluable.

Interdisciplinarity is the keyword

The new professional master’s programme provides students with knowledge and skills from technical, business and legal disciplines.

Along the way, students will gain a strong practical insight into a range of technologies and through that also gain an understanding of how the different disciplines should interact.

Indeed, interdisciplinarity is essential to create value from technology.

Meet the researcher

Marianne Harbo Frederiksen is Head of Studies for SDU’s new Master in Management of Technology programme and Associate Professor at the Department of Business & Management. In her research, she is interested in the interplay between technology and innovation, including how technology – such as drones – can create value for both businesses and society.


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