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Meet the TeleGraft Team

Meet the TeleGraft Team : Shuxia Guo from Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien


Meet the TeleGraft Team - This is Shuxia Guo from Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien


  • Describe your job in 5 words

Machine learning in biophotonic data

  • What do you love most about what you do?

The most appealing part of my job is that we can develop and incorporate AI approaches with biophotonic techniques and bring them into biological and clinical applications to achieve faster diagnostics at an earlier stage. This would be very useful for a better healthcare and benefit our life by large.

  • How did you become involved in TeleGraft?

 I got to know TeleGraft from Prof. Thomas Bocklitz. I was already very interested in it from the beginning I heard about its ideas and organizations. I thought it is the right project that I can make contribution to and should join, because personally I knew people who suffer from kidney diseases and rely on the dialysis. I am very glad if I can be part to improve the situation in this area.

  • What is the best thing about being part of TeleGraft?

I always like interdisciplinary research. The best thing of being part of TeleGraft to me is that we are working closely with experts from various fields and countries. This offers a great platform to gain knowledge of biology, medical, engineer, and instruments, which would help not only to improve the skills of cross-area communication, but also to get a bigger insights in research projects and applications. Besides, it is also a great chance to know more about different cultures.

  • Tell us a surprising or a fun fact about you

 I started to learn piano three years ago and am really enjoying it. I didn't have much knowledge on music before, but after I started, I found the experience of telling stories and expressing emotions with music more and more amazing.

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