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Advanced Microscope Stage Incubator for Climate and Food Research


Food market

To reduce negative climate impact from the food system, new food processes must be developed. A process showing great green potential is fermentation using anaerobic bacteria which digest without oxygen present. Anaerobic bacteria can also be utilized for CO₂ sequestration and methane consumption, and controlled fermentation therefore can reduce emissions, deforestation, and freshwater overuse all related to the production of food. With comprehensive environmental control capabilities (temperature regulation, oxygen level adjustments, and CO₂ concentrations measures) the new cutting-edge microscope stage incubator effectively supports the green transition in the global food industry. Genetic foundations of algae-bacteria interactions to predict phytoplankton dynamics and design algae biotechnology strategies.

SDU researchers

  • Jonathan R. Brewer, Professor, Director of DaMBIC, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science,
  • Mathias P. Clausen, Associate Professor, Department of Green Technology, Faculty of Engineering,