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Capturing the Unseen: FlowCam's Quest to Monitor Phytoplankton


Monitor phytoplankton

Covering 71% of the planet, oceans play a crucial role in balancing the climate system, with microorganisms such as phytoplankton as important players due to their role in the exchange of oxygen between oceans and the atmosphere. The new equipment (FlowCam) allows for rapid and accurate identification of microorganisms. This provides real-time insights into how marine ecosystems respond to climate changes. Further, the technology’s ability to estimate biovolume and count cells enables precise calculations of the oceans carbon capture potential, contributing crucial data to climate mitigation strategies.

SDU researchers

  • Jamileh Javidpour, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science,
  • Martin Aage Barsøe Hedegaard, Associate Professor, Department of Green Technology, Faculty of Engineering,