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3DReefBot. Robotic infrastructure for 3D printing and monitoring of climate-neutral artificial reefs

Artificial reefs serve the dual purpose of enhancing marine biodiversity by providing shelter for colonising fish and other aquatic fauna and safeguarding coastlines during extreme climate events. Building and introducing nature-like structures in the ocean calls for high standards in the choice of materials and designs, and for carefully monitoring of effects. This is made possible by 3DReefBot (instrument). Thus, the new research infrastructure, is expected to speed up the development and adoption of climate-neutral 3D printed reef structures and also to open additional research ventures focused on net-zero cement materials, robotised underwater monitoring, and sustainable 3D printing construction, all contributing to the green transition.

SDU researchers

  • Roberto Naboni, Associate Professor, Department of Technology and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering,
  • Karl Attard, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science,
  • Cintia Quintana, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science,