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Research projects

Business sector plastics circularity


PhD plastic

This interdisciplinary PhD project will generate the knowledge missing with regard to business/industry plastics flows disposed today, prevention/recycling potentials, including the organizational factors determining business practice around plastics circular economy. In the process, new data collection and processing methods are developed to address system complexity. The project is expected to contribute to tangible actions locally, leading to large GHG emissions reductions, support Denmark’s climate goals, and contribute high level published research in the area of circular economy. 

Applicant team

  • PhD main supervisor: Ciprian Cimpan, Associate Professor, SDU Life Cycle Engineering, Department of Green Technology, Faculty of Engineering.
  • PhD co-supervisor: Kristin B. Munksgaard, Professor MSO, SDU Business School, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

Project team

  • PhD student Rasmus Paulsen Holm,
  • Morten Brunse, Supply Chain Manager, Fjernvarme Fyn
  • Malte Ottesen, Klima- og Miljøforvaltningen, Odense Kommune
  • Poul Juul Hansen, Consultant, Odense Renovation