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3D printed artificial reefs for climate neutrality: how does design affect performance?


PhD 3d printed reefs

The ocean is an essential resource in achieving climate neutrality. This PhD project aims at developing fundamental knowledge behind the design and 3D printing of artificial reefs (AR): human-made underwater structures built to boost marine biodiversity and, in turn, tackle the climate crisis. This project takes an interdisciplinary design-based approach to assess AR's cumulative energy demand, biodiversity enhancement, and global warming potential throughout their life cycle, providing decision-makers with the tools needed to critically evaluate such interventions' success.

Applicant team

  • PhD main supervisor: Roberto Naboni - Associate Professor, CREATE Group Leader, SDU Civil and Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.
  • PhD co-supervisor: Karl Michael Attard - Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Danish Institute for Advanced Study, Nordcee, Faculty of Natural Sciences.
  • Cintia Organo Quintana - Associate Professor, Department of Biology, SDU Climate Cluster, Faculty of Natural Sciences.