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Research projects

Wildlife monitoring


Wildlife monitoring

Dr. Lisa Nupen’s professional interests span conservation biology, wildlife management and evolutionary ecology, with emphases on avian disease, vertebrate biogeography and emerging technologies in biodiversity monitoring, such as bioacoustics.

During her stay at SDU, Lisa Nupen will work with SDU scientist on drone development, image and acoustic analysis based on her extensive experience in wildlife biology from many South African biotopes and animal groups, and a sincere interest in monitoring wildlife by visual and acoustic techniques.

The four-week stay will also encompass a workshop on photogrammetry of wildlife, organized by Magnus Wahlberg and funded by the SDU Image Center, and acoustic and drone field work with marine and terrestrial animals in Denmark.

SDU contact persons

  • Magnus Wahlberg, Associate Professor and Daily Leader Marine Biological Research Center, Department of Biology:
  • Henrik Skov Midtiby, Associate Professor, SDU UAS Center: